Do You Believe in the "Power of Love"?

Experience the transformative power of love of through an inspiring song and meditation. #PowerOfLove
Do You Believe in the "Power of Love"?

Would you like to experience more of the power of love in your life?

Maybe you're like me, with both my arms and legs raised. Lol. Or maybe you're like this guy below where there's an uncertainty about the mystery of Love, but also a deep knowing of wanting more of it :)

Personally, as I grow older, most of all I want to experience greater Loving. This includes loving myself, my friends and family, my work, my creative expression, life in general, and even strangers I encounter along the way.

I want to be in a non-stop Love Fest!!! And that’s actually the foundation of what my life and work is becoming: Being in a Love Fest with others and Experiencing the Magic and Power of Love first hand. There will be singing, chanting, stillness, movement, guided meditations, conversation…inspired methods that serve an Experience of Living Love. That’s what Being With You is all about. It’s simple and ordinary. Yet it’s also the Power of Love!

So, even though we are not physically together in this moment, I want to invite you to experience the Power of Love on a deeper level. Within this meditation, there will be a song that will invite you into a higher vibration of your being. This meditation will take approximately 8+ minutes. Feel free to simply listen to the song if you prefer just below:


  1. Find a space where you can let go and be freely you.
  2. Set an intention to experience the Power of Love. Maybe there’s a specific quality of Love you’d like to experience such as healing, joy, or fulfillment. Acknowledge it. Then, let it go and just be open to however the Power of Love wants to have it’s way with you at this time ❤️
  3. Next, I invite you to listen to my new song, “The Power of Love” as a meditation. As you listen to the lyrics, you might be aware of certain memories or challenges. That’s also perfect. Let them move through your awareness. Let the Power of Love have it’s way with them too.
  4. Now you can say “I let go of any control or resistance to experiencing the Power of Love”. Shake your body loose of any energetic blocks. Let yourself breath naturally. Now say, “I’m here to experience the Power of Love”.
  5. You may want to stand for this next part so you can move naturally as you listen to the song. When you’re ready, press play, close your eyes (if you want) and listen to the song. When the song ends, feel free to relax and enjoy the stillness and silence.
  6. Listen to the song (above #1). Go to #7 when complete.
  7. Be aware of the Experience you are having. What does it feel like? What’s present?
  8. Be aware of any inspirations or intuitions. Any guidance or wisdom? Any clear next steps the Power of Love is calling you to do, to move on, to complete, to express? * You can journal or take notes.
  9. Now thank yourself for showing up and saying YES to this invitation, for being open and willing! What a beautiful gift of self love 🙂
  10. You may want to ask yourself to be more aware of the Power of Love in your Life. Perhaps, even in every breath.
  11. What is your intention for this week with the Power of Love? Make it clear. Intentions are extremely powerful because they are of the Heart. Be open to miracles. Be open to your heartfelt intentions manifesting in mysterious and beautiful ways.
  12. I Love You. Know that we are all One in this Power of Love. Take a moment to acknowledge and experience that Oneness.
  13. And so it is.

Thank you for being here and for being You 😇

If you’d like to help me spread the Power of Love:

1. Please share this email with 1-3 people (or more!). For this Power of Love can and does truly transform us and the world, inside>out.

2. Save and enjoy the song on your preferred music streaming or download platform (if yours isn’t listed, let me know):
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Eric Lumiere

Eric Lumiere

Eric supports human beings in loving and expressing more of their natural and authentic Self, using music, meditation, mantra & more.

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