Diving into the Unknown 🪂

Facing our fears with humility and vulnerability can transform fear into energy for progress. Brené Brown's mantra, "Don’t Shrink. Don’t Puff. Stand Your Sacred Ground," encourages us to confront fears with presence and courage.
Diving into the Unknown 🪂

Facing Our Fear

How courageous are you with facing your fears? It requires great humility and vulnerability to truly confront what we fear. But the simple act of JUST BEING WILLING to face our fears, is far more powerful than most of us realize.

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Learning how to Face our Fears – and NOT fight them, or take flight from them

The biggest challenge - but in many situations the antidote for fear is to simply face it. Confront it.

That doesn’t mean fighting and being aggressive and doing in hard, and cold and in attack mode.

And it doesn’t mean taking flight or freezing – which is turning your back and doing everything you can to be present and connected to what you fear. [1]

Don’t Shrink. Don’t Puff. Stand Your Sacred Ground.

This is a Brené Brown mantra that will support you in times of fear.

Don’t fight – don’t puff yourself up trying to be something that you’re not.

And don’t flee – don’t shrink and make yourself small.

But Stand Your Sacred Ground. [2]

Have the Courage to Face Your Fears

Most of our fears, our financial worries, or career doubts… they feel real but they are NOT.

Of course some fears are real – when a lion is running towards you, use your fear to fight or flight.

But in almost all of our situations in life: there really is nothing to fear… just things to slow down for, care for, perhaps things to accept and have compassion and understanding for.

And the more we learn TO slow down, confront and be present with what needs to be accepted and loved in ourselves and our life… we WILL watch that fear transform into clear energy for moving forward.

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