Conscious Breathing 😮‍💨

Discover the power of conscious breathing to cultivate gratitude and presence in your life. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and learn how to slow down, breathe, and appreciate the present moment. Say goodbye to stress and hello to gratitude!
Conscious Breathing 😮‍💨

It's Time to Be Present.

With Dr Zoë & Fenix

Conscious Breathing is key for health and happiness.

Breathing consciously is one of the BEST ways to move from living in our ego or small, limited self…to expand and live more from Love, Soul, our Heart.

Just look at any dog. They are happy because they don’t have an ego. They are just pure Heart.

So if you wanna be happier, and be more awesome…breathe more, so we can be more like dogs.

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1 minute for Greater Presence Today

Just breath. Consciously. Imagine your breath is as good, as tasty, as satisfying as a cupcake. Breathe in the sweetness, the richness, the freedom, the peace.

Why Is It So Hard to Make Time to Meditate?!

Isn’t it frustrating, that perhaps one of the BEST things we can do, for our health and happiness is to meditate, and yet it’s the hardest habit to nail down.

What holds you back from meditating? Or time in nature? Or some sacred practice where your battery can be recharged completely? Just be aware. No judgment. Have compassion instead!

The Benefits of Conscious Breathing & Meditation, Says Science

  • Managing post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Decreased stress and anxiety (via vagus nerve stimulation)
  • Reducing heart rate
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Decreasing stress hormones like cortisol
  • Enhancing overall immunity
  • Strengthening core muscles
Regular practice of abdominal breathing can lead to a resilient nervous system and improved overall health, according to Nurse Practitioner Suzanne Smith.

Sacred Workout Time

Let's Learn to Live More Presence, and LESS Worries!

Sacred Workout Time

Let's Try Diaphragmatic Breathing

  1. Find a comfortable position. You can lie down, or be seated. The key is to find a position that helps you relax and let go, while also being present and aware.
  2. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen.
  3. Now inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, allowing your abdomen to rise while keeping your chest still. As you do this, count silently to four.
  4. Hold your breath for a count of seven.
  5. Exhale slowly and completely through your mouth, counting to eight. As you exhale, imagine that you're releasing any tension or stress from your body. Be consciously aware of feeling your abdomen fall.
  6. Repeat this process for a few minutes, focusing on the movement of your abdomen.
Watch a Video Tutorial for Diaphragmatic Breathing Here.
Plus check out What Eckhart Tolle has to say about dogs.

You Can Be Happy, No Matter the Weather.

Living in the Present Moment is Happiness.

MASTERHeart ❤️‍🔥 Tonight at 6pm

The days I start my day in meditation are reliably Better In Every Way.

It does take time to grow the sacred inner muscles we need to meditate. But I don’t know of anything more valuable we can do for a better life.

I know that sounds kind of extreme, but even science agrees now. It’s not jus the spiritual teachers.

So start wherever you are. And consider the smallest, simplest baby steps.

Try it and let me know how you go!

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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