Compassion in Friendship πŸ’›

Overcoming Failure with Softness and Compassion! Discover the power of kindness and self-love to bounce back from setbacks. Embrace your inner child and find the courage to rise again. Let love be your guide on the path to success. πŸ’ͺ✨
Compassion in Friendship πŸ’›
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Friendship Can Be Hard Work Sometimes

Friends, just like all other parts of our life, can be profound teachers and guides for growing our muscles of love, compassion and courage.

It’s Our Relationships with Other People, That Help Us Learn Compassion

We have all been designed so differently, so that we might learn to have compassion for all of life.

Maybe you’re an A type, and so people that move slowly, or carelessly, drive you wild.

Maybe you’re Super Creative, so the very rational, literal folks are harder for you to connect with.

No matter what triggers you, from a little to a LOT, is a huge opportunity and teacher for you.

We Would Have a Much More Peaceful Earth If…

We each learned to take responsibility for own upset feelings.

Compassion is the only way forward for this human race, and this planet.

Without us learning to let go of the problems and mistakes of others, SO THAT we don’t continue to recycle past hurts and trauma, we will never find peace within, or in the world.

But Paradoxically Having Compassion for the World, Starts with Kindness for Yourself

We can’t have compassion for another, without experiencing the kind of kindness and loving support we need within ourselves.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but the way forward to experience greater harmony, connection and joy in friendships, is to release the ways you judge, criticize and be cruel to yourself.

As we stop crucifying ourselves for our mistakes and mess, we naturally extend that unconditional love and forgiveness to everyone else.

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