Appreciating the Power of Appreciation 😉

Learn how practicing gratitude and appreciation can lead to greater happiness, fulfillment, and abundance in your life. Strengthen relationships and cultivate a positive mindset with this transformative strategy. Don't miss out on this life-changing opportunity! 🌻✨
Appreciating the Power of Appreciation 😉

Gratitude and Appreciation are best friends, or maybe siblings.

They are very close, but still different.

Today we’re going to look at the active power of appreciation, and how to use it at the end of the day to not only grow in happiness, but also abundance.

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Appreciation is the Fastest Track to Abundance

The premise is simple. Feeling and experiencing in our mind, our emotions and our cells… helps us create more from that experience.

Regardless of how much I have, my ability to feel full, to think full, to experience the fullness that I have… will help me show up in a way that is simply more allowing and creative for more.

By completing the day with a few moments of appreciation, we train our neurology to look for the good, to feel and experience what we DO have, rather than what we DO NOT.

Use this practice to strengthen and soften your relationships.

Use this practice in any area of your life that you would like to experience greater happiness, fulfillment and abundance.

A Sacred Muscles Workout 💪 Active Appreciation – A Daily Habit for Abundance and Miracles

  1. Simply become aware of one thing, you want to appreciate in your life. Don’t think too hard, just let something that you know you can feel appreciation for, come to mind.
  2. Now feel it, actively appreciate it. How fully can you FEEL the appreciation. Take at least 5 seconds, to deeply be in appreciation for the thing.
  3. Now repeat. At least 3 appreciations is powerful. But don’t stop there. Keep going!
  4. Applying to Relationships. This practice is a game changer in partnerships, business relationships, families, in ALL kinds of friendships. Simply sharing out loud with another person, 1 thing that you appreciate about them, while also allowing yourself to FEEL it, and to extend that warm loving experience from your heart to theirs. Birthdays are a great time to get into the habit of sharing appreciations.
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