About Allowing Love and this Adventure of Love, Courage and Compassion.

About Allowing Love and this Adventure of Love, Courage and Compassion.

Our Mission is to provide world-class holistic life coaching for free or on a sliding scale.

We believe that everyone deserves access to the tools and resources necessary for a healthy, fulfilling life, regardless of their financial status.

We offer individual coaching, small and large group coaching programs, as well as self-paced programs, all available online from anywhere in the world.

Our Vision is to create a world-wide network to support individuals with the skills to be loving, and to be loved.

We believe that learning to love and be loved is the key to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. Our three fundamental habits, which can be customized to each individual's situation, are: 1) spending time with oneself to learn self-love, 2) learning how to identify and pursue what we want, and 3) learning how to heal from past traumas and patterns that limit emotional and mental well-being.

And it is our heartfelt hope that we might do our small part in helping the world shift from an overly bottom-line focused paradigm, to one that is grounded in love, courage and compassion.

We Value Heartset over Mindset

Our heart-centered approach is more effective than traditional mindset and positive thinking coaching, as we leverage neuroscience and current research to heal trauma and rewire the limiting and unconscious patterns that hold us back from living a life of greater love, kindness and forgiveness.

We believe that it is Love that heals, and recent research in relational NeuroScience now proves this.

We are committed to a much more vulnerable approach to mental health and emotional wellness. One that is centered in empathy, compassion and forgiveness, not just positive thinking and action steps.

What's Fenix the Husky Got to Do With Anything?

What do dogs have to do with Love, Compassion and Courage you say?!

Clearly you have not had a dog before.

Dogs have a profound and practical way of connecting us with our hearts, our vulnerability, our kindness, and all that's good about humanity.

They exemplify unconditional loving.
They know how to forgive, like they know how to find a bone.
They know how to unabashedly love and be loved.

Dogs naturally possess the skills of the heart, and if we'll let them, they'll show us how.

And if we truly put our time, love and energy behind these skills of Loving, Courage and Compassion...we will end up smiling much more often. We will find ourselves in a more loving and compassionate relationship with ourselves and the wrold around us. And in turn, we will realize we have stumbled into a much more fulfilling and happy life.

Love YourSelf...Love Your Life

Transformational Life Coaching grounded in Spiritual Psychology & Relational Neuroscience

Love YourSelf, Love Your Life.

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