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Let Eric's Big Love and Spiritual Mastery Support You in Clearing What's Holding You Back Right Now.
Work with Eric

As your guide, I'm here to invite you to discovery the beauty of who you are and that truly "home" is always present inside of you. Through listening, reflection and the ability to hold a majestic container of loving, I allow a safe place for you to just be you, as you are, with all your humanness and Divinity. It is where these two aspects meet where the magic happens. It's where that which needs love gets the love it needs. It's where that which just wants to be seen is seen completely and unconditionally. It's where illusions, judgements and limitation fall away with Grace and ease and peace and loving essence remain.

Whether you're seeking to just BE MORE YOU!, unlock your blocked creativity, overcome feelings of loneliness, or experience spirituality in a deeper way, I will work with you to allow your own unfolding and expansion with Love and Grace.

With my support, you can expect to experience great transformation and growth in accordance with your own openness and willingness to let go and let Love have it's way. I offer a safe and loving environment where you can express freely: even the greatest challenges, resistances, and immaturities in service to healing, clearing and expanding into your Truest Self.

With my guidance, you will also experience a deeper connection to Spirit, because that great, highest Love is what I surrender to and follow whenever I am working with someone. Drawing on my Masters in Spiritual Science and Spiritual Psychology, I can also support you in exploring your spiritual path and discovering a more meaningful and fulfilling way of life.

If you are interested in a phone call with me to see if we're a fit for each other, email me, including why you'd like to work with me specifically and your intention for working together (what is most important to you).

I look forward to loving and supporting you!


After writing a song to the Love that We All Are

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