Songs for the Soul ✨ This Sunday 🏡 In Ojai & Online

Let Eric's new music help you heal, clear and be recharged in an experience of Your True Self ✨ The event is Online and in person in Ojai. It's free. Donations are appreciated! RSVP is required so we can email you the online link or physical address.
Songs for the Soul ✨ This Sunday 🏡 In Ojai & Online

I've been playing this song to start the 17 day program👇

'Heart of Gold' ▶️

Minds have been blown 🤯 Hearts opened ❤️‍🔥 The Joy has just flowed.
It's been So Transformational for folks, that we've played it almost every day of the program.

Eric's new original songs are like a 30-minute meditation packed into 3 minutes.

Play 'Heart of Gold' 👆... and close your eyes, relax and let go... and tell me something mystical didn't just take place.

So we're launching a NEW event.

Eric will share this new approach to meditation through music: that helps you clear negativity, recharges your battery, and supports you in deep, divine connection with yourself, and others.

It's called...

Songs for the Soul ✨

Sunday February 4 @ 10am Pacific Time • View Your Local Time Here
Experience Your True Self through Music, Meditation and More ✨
Donations Appreciated 🙏

Join Us Online Anywhere in the World 🌎

Get comfy and jump on the computer!
RSVP above to get access to the Zoom Link.

Join Us in Our New Studio in Ojai, California 🏡

We can't wait to be in person with some of you!
RSVP above to get our address and more.

Oh and not to brag, but most of Eric's NEW NEW songs are even better than Heart of Gold. I can only speak for myself, but they help me allow my human fears and feelings and lift them easily... and effortlessly into the Light for the most profound release. He's truly masterful. I hope you'll join me to experience him...

To all of you rockin' the 17day program – omg I love you. So grateful I did this. 2 days to go... see you soon xo.

And to everyone... thanks for being here. I see you. I love you xo.


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