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Being With You™ Email Coaching

We All Feel 'Not Enough' At Times

Learn How to Live More Fully in Your Worthiness and Beauty

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We all wonder if we’re Good Enough, Beautiful Enough, Successful Enough, Etc Enough... just as we are.

It’s so hard when the world so often seems to be portraying the opposite. “You need this to truly be happy!” Instead of just being told we’re Amazing and Beautiful and Worthy, what if we could really start to Experience that Truth inside ourselves on a daily basis? And what if those Experiences expanded into a deeper inner knowing and embodiment that we could joyful and confidently live our entire life from?

This is an invitation into the Discovery and Remembrance of the Beloved (One that is Love and is Loved) that You Are. That is human and that is Divine. That is totally imperfect and totally perfect. With flaws and challenges and yet completely worthy of the greatest Love, the greatest Joy, the greatest Life.

This is a community to be totally you and let it all hang out…no censoring, no holding back, no need to hide.

We are ALL in this together. I’m in this with you. I am on my own journey of Remembering the Love that I am too! And it’s not always easy!

The good news is that I’ve been consciously on this journey since I was born and I have tons of tools that help me connect back into Spirit, Soul, the Love that I Am.

The other good news, is that I’m not very good at doing things perfectly or consistently, so you don’t have to either!

What I’m good at, what is my greatest gift or natural ability per say, is my willingness to let go and let Love Rule. To surrender to Soul, Spirit, Love, my True Self. And often, I find this willingness to let go the most direct path to healing and experiencing the greater Love that is.

I will be sharing Music and More.

I will be using these art forms along with guided meditations and short processes that will invite you into your own Greater Experience of Love, of you True Self that is radiant, joyful, full and worthy beyond measure.

Being with You™ Email Coaching weaves together authentic, relatable wisdom with the magic of music, opening up new experiences of love and joy.

It has the potential to be life-expanding and affirming if you:

Seek a deeper connection with Yourself and Spirit and want to explore new ways of experiencing it.
Are looking for inspiration and guidance on your journey towards personal growth and self-discovery
Are interested in exploring the power of music as a tool for healing and transformation.
Want to tap into your creative potential and learn how to infuse your life with more joy and playfulness.
Are ready to step into your power, let go of limiting beliefs, and embrace a life of purpose and fulfillment.
Desire to cultivate a deeper sense of community and connection with like-minded individuals on a similar path.

Created by Eric Lumiere

From Top 40 Recording Artist to Meditation Guide

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With so much gratitude and kudos to my wife Zoe Lumiere for her encouragement, my Spiritual Teachers and Communities, and my willing human heart for being on this incredible and vulnerable journey!

Come and join me. We are all walking this path of being human and being Divine. It’s such a beautiful celebration when we do it together.

With Love,
Eric Lumiere

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