Eric Lumiere

Hi! I'm Eric Lumiere

Allowing.Love™ Partner & Lead Coach

I am an Acclaimed Singer/Songwriter, Love + Light Coach, and Lead Coach of Allowing.Love™ with Zoe Lumiere. My experience of Allowing.Love™ initially came through marrying Zoe.

As we dove deeply into our relationship, we both used the Allowing.Love™ tools and techniques to transform our challenges into greater closeness and intimacy, while also clearing our own karmic blocks and patterns.

I bring a unique angelic and Grace-filled perspective to the program as I very much came into this world identifying more with the Divine than being human! Though being human has come with it's challenges (including learning to participate and enjoy myself), my ability to connect to Spirit and surrender to Love has given me great ability to live life Gracefully. One of my favorite things is assisting others in experiencing the Love and Light that they are and the Grace that is always available. I am able to just be with people and love them as they are as I have learned to do that with myself and I love it.

"Eric Lumiere truly is one of the most Light-Hearted people I've ever met. When I worked with him recently with a karmic block, he didn't try to fix or advise at all but created safe, nurturing space to do the deep emotional work. He gently led me to trust and listen to myself as a guide to where I needed to go.I have experienced and witnessed his mastery in holding space as I (and others) have worked with long-held resistance, never pushing, always encouraging, always celebrating whatever happens in that tender, vulnerable work. And he simply beams Light and Love so working with him is always uplifting, healing, and freeing."

- Angela R.

"Eric, I am blown away by you. Every week. You have a certain kind of clarity that you so easily and beautifully put into words...that stems from two of your superpowers you've been blessed with (even though I’ve heard you also can fly ♥️):
1. Listening
2. Your heart connection                                                                            You have an amazing ability to listen with both ears and heart, and I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever met anyone who’s so in tune with their heart as you are. I am madly in love with that about you, it’s crazy inspiring. There’s no weakness about it at all - I see the fierceness. Eric and Zoe do a beautiful job together. I realize I would like to invite more of those qualities in myself as I’m writing this to you. You are pure love Eric…. ♥️"

- Maria W.

My Super Human Healing Power is Pure Love + Expression

It wasn't always easy for me to sing, share and express myself freely in this world.

But through this work, I've healed eons of judgements and misbeliefs and given myself the experience of safety and love that my human self has always yearned for. I'm so grateful for my incredibly shy and sensitive childhood because those challenges have helped me find and claim my true power of expression... of sharing, singing and radiating the light and love that I am, that we all are.

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