7Week Master Heart

Community Support • 1on1 Guidance from Zoë • Access to ALL Recordings • BONUS Sacred7 Program!
7Week Master Heart

This is NOT a Master Mind. It's a Master Heart ❤️‍🔥

There are 3 reasons you might join us for the Master Heart.

  1. First is to attend the 7 Weekly Calls to be supported as you implement and anchor your Sacred Morning Practice into your life. [You don't need to have completed the 17day program: you will get full access to all 17 recordings and resources]
  2. The second is to gain access to all recordings from the 17 Day Program forever. Maybe you missed a day, or really loved a day, and want to watch it over.
  3. The third is to get free BONUS access to the Sacred7 Solo Self-Paced Program. Includes:
    1. Detailed instruction for: The 5-Step Spiritual Manifestation Process
    2. Detailed instruction for: The 4-Step Feeling for Healing Process
    3. Additional processes and resources for: Living Your Calling
    4. Additional processes and resources for: Clearing Your Blocks

7 Weekly Calls

Held on Sundays 8AM - 9AM Pacific
February 4 – March 17

No NEW Information.
Just sharing and support, including 1on1 guidance and healing support from Zoë.

Join Us

All Recordings Forever

Access or download all recordings from the 17Day Sacred Morning Practice program.

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FREE BONUS Access to the Sacred7 Solo Program

Learn how to limiting patterns that keep us small, stuck, separate and self-sabotaging. Get ready to Live Your Callings and Clear Your Blocks.

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