Work with Dr. Zoe

Let Zoë's Vulnerable and Grounded Approach Guide You in Creating the Love and Life You Want.
Work with Dr. Zoe

This isn't conventional life-coaching.
And it's not therapy.

It's just the best of both of those disciplines, in a unique spiritual approach that is grounded in human compassion and vulnerability.

I support clients live their callings. Those heartfelt, Soul-led dream that they are called to experience.

And I support clients in clearing past conditioning, beliefs and patterns. I call it 'rewiring'. Often what's holding you back is unconscious. And so just talking about how to change or focusing on our mindset falls short of the kind of transformation we know we are capable of.

I specialize in clearing the unconscious blocks from your consciousness in service to allowing your to naturally and courageously show up for your life and what you love.

Zoë's Work: Allowing.Love™ has been called ‘uncoaching’ because it’s not about pushing, working hard and making it happen.

I work with clients to release blocks to the True Self: to the ‘Love’ that we are. In essence it's a process of rewiring from limiting patterns of protection: of fight and flight, back to our original and innocent Authentic nature.
As we release these patterns of unworthiness, we also release the clarity and courage that we need do love and honor ourselves and our life, and to create the life we love.

You don’t need to ‘coach’ a child to run out onto the playground to have fun: to easily and effortlessly throw themselves into what they enjoy, with great energy and freedom.

That ability to follow our joy and do what we love is ‘built in’.
It’s who we are – It’s who YOU are.
So my work with clients is more about ‘uncoaching’ – releasing the conditions that have built up over the years, in service to unleashing our true, inner nature and courage.

Ok let's get real. Here's a little about me.

My Dad left when I was 3.
I was sexually abused as a child, and a teen.
My Mum died when I was 14.
And I learned to cope by being a 'good girl' and not having needs, feelings or ever being a burden.

I learned to turn off my own emotions.

And I created a heightened ability to know, feel and take care of others' emotions.
That's how I survived.
And it created an incredibly financially successful career.
And it addiction and emptiness.
My addiction and emptiness eventually led to my breakdown, which was of course was my much needed breakthrough.
I left my headhunting career making $50K in a month, to volunteer for free for my meditation teacher.

Learning to feel and heal, has been the adventure of my life.

I went on to travel the world with my Spiritual Teacher.
Went back to School and got a Masters and then Doctorate in Spiritual Science, and a Masters in Spiritual Psychology.
Fast Forward 20 years, and I can see and feel that every single challenge I was given, has invited me into my own unique gifts Healing.

I believe that ALL of our challenges will invite us into our unique gifts if we're willing to feel, heal and clear our own patterns of protection.

I believe that diving so deeply into rewiring my own patterns of survival and protection has given me a SuperHuman heart capable of miraculous Self-Love and Self-Compassion. And I believe we all have the same heart and gifts waiting for us, if we're willing to rewire the patterns we pick up along the way.
And I know that is is this healing and loving that has allowed such a miraculous marriage into my life, and many other miracles of Abundance, Love and Family.

I'd go through it all again, to have my husband and my husky

Before rewiring my patterns I was addicted to men that didn't love me.
It wasn't until I was 33, that I was finally able to see that I was chasing love from the father figures in my life that weren't able to honor me the way I deserved.
After rewiring those patterns, I fell in love with my husband in a matter of months. And the rest truly is history.
And while we haven't been able to have children of our own, I do believe it is this profound Love and Compassion we share, that has created such a complete and whole family with our husky Fenix.

Life isn't about money and achieving physical world success. I'm not the coach for you if your primary goal is money and external achivement.

But I can support you in opening to the kind of abundance, and freedom, and love that does come when we liberate ourselves of the faulty wiring we all create and are conditioned into as humans.

You are so much more than human. You are that angelic, unconditional and truly unlimited Love within. If you have a sense of that, and are ready to learn how to expand into your own Love, Courage and create the life and love you truly want...I'd love to chat to you, to see if we might have an adventure together ahead of us.

You can schedule a phone chat with me here.

Or email Zoë here.

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